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Blogger Suggests Glo to Sleep Mask as Gift for Moms on KLAS TV Las Vegas CBS
Emily Knight, a local blogger, suggests unique gift ideas during holiday season for Moms on KLAS TV Las Vegas CBS. GTS-2000 Deluxe Glo to Sleep mask, which is unlike any other typical eye mask is a great gift option for your Mom, she says. Emily recommends the special features of this mask - the precise brightness and dimming control that helps you relax, shut your brain off and drift off to sleep.
Gift your Mom something useful and awesome this Christmas! KTVK TV Phoenix IND recommends some great ideas for moms which include Sound Oasis Bluetooth Sleep Sound Therapy System BST-100. This unique sound-machine-and-bluetooth speaker-in-one plays 10 different sounds that helps block noise and improve sleep. It is great for mothers who travel and is compact for luggage.
Thinking of gift ideas for Mom? On Fox 45 News Baltimore, Claire Bolden McGill, a lifestyle expert, recommends Sound Oasis Bluetooth Sleep Sound Therapy System BST-100 as a perfect gift for mothers. Calling it a ‘wonderful item’; she suggests BST-100 as a small and compact gift which plays different sounds to help you drift off to sleep. in their show Gifts for Grandma recommends Bluetooth Sleep Sound Therapy System BST-100 as a perfect gift for Mom and Grandma.
Local mommy blogger Katy Mann from recommends the Bluetooth Sleep Sound Therapy System BST-100 as a trendy gift option for Mom. The show host calls the BST 100 "awesome and incredibly effective".
A good night’s sleep is so important in the productive school days. Sound Oasis Sound Therapy system encourages a peaceful night’s sleep in school children.
Beautiful, relaxing sounds that are doctor proven and doctor endorsed and help your school children relax their mind.
Sound Oasis Sound Therapy system as a cool gift idea!
If you are looking for something to help you sleep and that helps increase the GPA, is Sound Oasis. You can’t even feel the speakers in the pillow!
I've tried milk and cookies, I've tried counting sheep. 
The night before Christmas, I never could sleep. 
Then from Sound Oasis there came to our home
Flat stereo speakers inside of the foam. 
Hooks up to your music source, easy as cake
And somehow, it don't keep the Mrs. awake.
Beauty expert Stacy Cox recommends Sound Oasis Glo To Sleep and Sound Oasis Sleep Therapy Pillow for getting a good night’s sleep. Glo To Sleep resets your focus and calms your mind, she says. She also demonstrates how she can plug in her iPhone in the Sleep Therapy Pillow and listen to her iTunes for hours as she falls off to sleep.
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