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How does the Sound Oasis White Noise Machine
compare with the Marpac Dohm?

Marpac Dohm
2 Speed
Sound Oasis White Noise
Machine S-100
Sound Output Type
White Noise
White Noise
Sound Selection
Turn housing to change
pitch of sound
10 white noise tones to choose from with a tone selection range within each of the 10 tones
Sound Range - Frequency
(see graph 1.1)
3 kHz up to 7 kHz
6 kHz up to 16 kHz
Max Sound Volume
@ 16"
65 dB
80 dB
30, 60, 90 minute auto shutoff, plus continuous
Power Supply
110 Volt
USB Cable - power from any
USB port of from wall outlet
Energy Consumption
40 watts
0.15 watts
Speaker Versatility
Can not be used as a
speaker for your smartphone,
tablet, etc.
Doubles as a speaker for your smartphone, tablet, etc.
Headphone Jack
Yes, use your headphones or sound pillow for privacy
5.8 x 5.8 x 3.8 in
4.3 x 4.6 x 2.3 in
1.75 lbs
0.8 lbs
International Use
Need to buy international
powered versions
International ready - shipments include appropriate prongs for any country in the world
Retail Price
Graph 1 - Sound Frequencey Range
Sound Oasis S-100 vs. Marpac Dohm 2 Speed
Listen to sounds from:

S-550-05 Sound Oasis Sleep Sound Therapy System

Ocean Surf
White Noise
Summer Night

I love the system for sleeping, so much so that I take it while traveling.


Look for the S-550-05 in the new Meryl Streep movie, Ricki and the Flash.
Ricki and the Flash

S-550-05 Sound Oasis Sleep Sound Therapy System

Helps You Sleep and relax easier

Natural sounds are a proven, healthy sleep aid.

Studies have shown that we sleep better and relax easier when we can block out distracting noise and listen to natural sounds. Sound Oasis sound machines are used in hospitals, clinics and in homes around the word to help people fall asleep easier, experience higher quality sleep and provide relief from tinnitus.

By bathing your room with our #1 rated nature sounds, the S-550-05 white noise machine provides effective, natural, prescription free sleep therapy.

For extra sound variety, add more sounds to the S-550-05 noise machine with our patented sound card system.

Nature Sleep Therapy
Do you want us to send an additional SD card loaded with the Sound Oasis sounds you select that will help you sleep better, relax and enjoy better health?
Send me BST-100 with SD Card containing 10 Pre-loaded Sounds + additional SD card
Send me BST-100 with SD Card containing 10 Pre-loaded Sounds
On purchasing BST-100 you will receive a welcome email from inviting you to join for Free the exclusive Bluetooth Sleep Sound Therapy Store.
As a member you enjoy a 50% discount on the purchase of all Sound Oasis Sleep Sound Therapy and White Noise Sounds. The world's only patent pending 8 hour uninterrupted sound tracks.
Product Features
  • 6 professional quality authentic nature sounds: Ocean Surf, Stream, Rain, White Noise, Summer Night and Wind.
  • World's only sound card technology for adding more sounds (see available optional sound cards).

    Note: Uses SC-250 series sound cards only.
  • 4 position auto shut off timer: Play sound continuously or auto shutoff gently after 30, 60 or 90 minutes.
  • Memory button repeats last sound experience.
  • Headphone/speaker jack.
  • Powered by AC adapter (included) or 4 "AA" batteries (not included).
  • Omni directional reflective speaker projects sound from the back of unit for rich, deep sound.
  •  Use S-550-05 sleep sound machine upright, on its back or mounted to a wall.

Weight & Dimensions
  • Product dimensions: 6.3" x 3.07" x 6.58"
  • Product weight: 1.19 lbs
  • Package dimensions: 7.875" x 3.375" x 11"
  • Package weight: 1.87 lbs

Sound Oasis Sleep Sounds Radio