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How does the Sound Oasis White Noise Machine
compare with the Marpac Dohm?

Marpac Dohm
2 Speed
Sound Oasis White Noise
Machine S-100
Sound Output Type
White Noise
White Noise
Sound Selection
Turn housing to change
pitch of sound
10 white noise tones to choose from with a tone selection range within each of the 10 tones
Sound Range - Frequency
(see graph 1.1)
3 kHz up to 7 kHz
6 kHz up to 16 kHz
Max Sound Volume
@ 16"
65 dB
80 dB
30, 60, 90 minute auto shutoff, plus continuous
Power Supply
110 Volt
USB Cable - power from any
USB port of from wall outlet
Energy Consumption
40 watts
0.15 watts
Speaker Versatility
Can not be used as a
speaker for your smartphone,
tablet, etc.
Doubles as a speaker for your smartphone, tablet, etc.
Headphone Jack
Yes, use your headphones or sound pillow for privacy
5.8 x 5.8 x 3.8 in
4.3 x 4.6 x 2.3 in
1.75 lbs
0.8 lbs
International Use
Need to buy international
powered versions
International ready - shipments include appropriate prongs for any country in the world
Retail Price
Graph 1 - Sound Frequencey Range
Sound Oasis S-100 vs. Marpac Dohm 2 Speed
Listen to sounds from:

S-850 Sound Oasis Travel Sleep Sound Therapy System

Ocean Surf
North Woods
White Noise
Night Train
Spring Rain
Island Surf
Hidden Cove
Asian Garden
Song Birds
Harbor Swell
Bamboo Chime
Summer Night
Cooling Fan
Rain Forest
Jet Lag

S-850 Sound Oasis Travel Sleep Sound Therapy System

Proven to help you sleep, relax, renew - anywhere!

Sound Oasis Travel sleep machine is a unique sound therapy product that combines high performance digital sounds with a full-featured travel/alarm clock. Incorporating 18 digitally recorded sounds, an exclusive jet-lag reduction sound and a voice memo feature, Sound Oasis Travel S-850 sound machine allows users to drift off to sleep with soothing nature sounds and wake up to one of four alarm sound types (sound, jet lag reduction sound, voice memo or buzzer). Powered by 4 "AA" batteries or the included worldwide AC adapter, Sound Oasis Travel is ideal for use while traveling or at home. Its compact size allows the unit to comfortably slip into briefcases, carry-on luggage and even one's jacket pocket.

Sound Oasis Travel S-850 noise machine incorporates a multi-position timer (with 4 selections: continuous, 30, 60, and 90 minutes), a unique "gradual off" volume reduction feature for a peaceful decrease in sound volume, a rotary on/off volume control, headphone jack and a one-touch off/resume button that stops the unit or repeats your last played sequence. 

Sound Oasis Travel sleep sound machine is ideal for :
  • blocking out annoying hotel noises
  • creating a soothing sleep environment whole traveling or at home
  • helping manage tinnitus

Do you want us to send an additional SD card loaded with the Sound Oasis sounds you select that will help you sleep better, relax and enjoy better health?
Send me BST-100 with SD Card containing 10 Pre-loaded Sounds + additional SD card
Send me BST-100 with SD Card containing 10 Pre-loaded Sounds
On purchasing BST-100 you will receive a welcome email from inviting you to join for Free the exclusive Bluetooth Sleep Sound Therapy Store.
As a member you enjoy a 50% discount on the purchase of all Sound Oasis Sleep Sound Therapy and White Noise Sounds. The world's only patent pending 8 hour uninterrupted sound tracks.
Product Features
  • 18 authentic, high fidelity built-in sounds: Ocean Surf, North Woods, Thunderstorm, White Noise, Night Train, Spring Rain, Island Surf, Bonfire, Stream, Hidden Cove, Wind, Asian Garden, Song Birds, Harbor Swell, Bamboo Chimes, Summer Night, Cooling Fan, Rain Forest
  • Jet Lag Reduction sound developed by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson helps the body sync to new time zones
  • Voice memo for recording your own alarm or memo
  • Dual time (home & away) jumbo backlit alarm clock & calendar with buzzer or sound alarm and snooze
  • Timer with 4 positions: continuous play auto, 30 min., 60 min. and 90 min.
  • Rotary volume control with gentle shut off
  • Memory button replays last sound
  • Headphone / Sleep pillow jack
  • Powered by 4 "AA" batteries (not included) for portability or the included global adapter set that works in any country worldwide
  • Travel pouch and time zone map included
Weight & Dimensions
  • Product dimensions: 5.43" x 1.3" x 2.99"
  • Product weight: 0.705 lbs
  • Package dimensions: 9.65" x 1.97" x 5.2"
  • Package weight: 1.069 lbs

Sound Oasis Sleep Sounds Radio
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