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Sleep Sounds for Babies
Sounds to help babies and children of all ages sleep.
These patent pending, 8 hour long, uninterrupted MP3 tracks of exceptional sounds are proven to help babies and children of all ages sleep.

We have authentic digital recordings of nature, sounds from world leading doctors in sleep (for adults and infants) and mechanical sounds (like white noise and a car ride) that will provide your family with a superior sound environment for sleep.

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Sound Oasis White Noise 8 Hr - The steady flow of a cascading waterfall is perfect as a “natural white noise". Profoundly calming to infants, children and adults, white noise is constantly recommended by physicians and pediatricians.This natural sound blocks out disturbing noises and shares many of the natural sounds that we all heard when we were in our mother's womb (the continual whooshing sound made by blood flowing through arteries near the womb).
Sound Oasis Ocean Surf 8 Hr - This beautiful ocean surf sound provides a calm rhythm that helps your baby or child relax and sleep.
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Sound Oasis Gentle Rain 8 Hr - A tranquil rainfall provides a familiar and relaxing sound environment that also works great as an alternative “white noise".
Sound Oasis Summer Night 8 Hr - A gentle chorus of crickets provides a peaceful and restful environment.
Sound Oasis Dolphins (Dr. Thompson) 8 Hr - This peaceful sound combines the sound of ocean surf with 3D recordings of dolphins as they swim and sing around you.
Sound Oasis Prenatal (Dr. Thompson) 8 Hr - This scientifically and acoustically correct sound, developed by the world renowned Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, is what a fetus hears in the womb. Inferior competitive recordings of a womb do not compensate for the fact that a fetus' middle ear and ear canal are filled with fluid. This version takes all of these factors into consideration for true authenticity and maximum effectiveness.
Sound Oasis Heartbeat 8 Hr - Most babies are soothed by the sound and pulse of a moderately relaxed heartbeat. This authentic recording provides an ideal beat and rhythm for babies, children, adults and even young pets.
Sound Oasis Womb (Dr. Fred Schwartz) - This superior womb sound, developed by Dr. Fred Schwartz of Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, provides an exceptional recreation of sounds a baby hears in a mother's womb. Babies inside the womb can hear at least several months before they are born. The baby learns to adapt to mother's breathing, movements, her voice as she speaks or sings, and the rhythmic pulsation of the blood flow into the uterus and through the placenta. This pulsation becomes baby's constant companion during the entire fetal period. It is the baby's safety and security. This womb sound is derived from music successfully used in hundreds of neonatal units and thousands of childbirth classes.
Sound Oasis Lullaby (Dr. Halpern) 8 Hr - This delightful melody provides a happy, familiar and soothing sound. Professionally composed by Dr. Steven Halpern - the world's leading composer and recording artist for relaxation, wellness and "sound health" - this sound comes from Dr. Halpern's vast work on how his unique approach to composing and recording music can quickly and effectively relax babies and their loving parents.
Sound Oasis Car Ride - Many new parents discover that their children almost magically fall asleep to the rhythmic motion and sound of a car. This authentic recording of the inside of a moving car blends a pulsating murmur with white noise to recreate a soothing environment without the hassle of driving around the block!
Sound Oasis Lullaby (Dr. Thompson) 8 Hr - A delightful melody provides a happy and soothing sound. Professionally composed by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, this sound avoids recognizable "loops" common with simpler sounds found in competitive sound machines.
Sound Oasis Woodland - Peaceful song birds from a secluded forest provide a relaxing and delightful sound environment.
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Download FAQ

Sound Oasis uses the standard MP3 format, so our digital files will play on virtually any computer or portable audio player, including iPods. Because of the size of these files, we recommend only users with access to a broadband Internet connection purchase MP3 downloads.

Q: How will I download the White Noise I have purchased?

A: There are 2 ways to access your download link(s) upon completion of payment

  • After completing your order you will be presented with a confirmation page that contains the download link(s).
  • You will receive 2 emails at the email address used to register your Sound Oasis account

    • A receipt for your order
    • White Noise download link
Please purchase MP3 files only if you are comfortable downloading files. Because there are so many different system configurations, our staff is not able to assist with technical/installation issues.

We have put what information we have about different systems and configurations below. Please note that MP3 purchases are non-refundable.

Q: Will MP3 files work on both Macintosh/Apple and PC computers?

A: Yes, MP3 files will work on both Macintosh/Apple and PC computers. Both types of computers will need an MP3 player such as: iTunes, Winamp, or Microsoft's Windows Media Player in order to play the music files.

Q: Where do my downloaded MP3 files go when they are downloaded?

A: When you click on a download link you should be prompted with a "Save" dialog box. You can then select the destination of your downloaded MP3 file.

Q: When I click on a download link music starts playing but I am not prompted with a "Save" dialog box, why is this?

A: Some web browsers have a built or added-in media player like Quicktime. This means that your web browser will try to play the MP3 file instead of downloading it. The solution to this issue is a little different for PC and Macintosh/Apple users.

PC Users:

Click the right mouse button on the download link and a menu will appear.

  • In Internet Explorer browser – Choose "Save target as"
  • In Firefox browser – Choose "Save link as"

The "Save" dialog box will then appear and you can select a location for your White Noise audio file to be saved to.

Macintosh/Apple Users:

Hold down the ctrl key and click your mouse button on the download link and a menu will appear.

  • In Safari browser – Hold down the 'option' key and then click on the download link. This will download the file to the location that Safari saves downloads to (set in Safari's Preferences)
  • In Firefox browser – Choose "Save link as". The "Save" dialog box will then appear and you can select a location for your White Noise audio file to be saved to..

The "Save" dialog box will then appear and you can select a location for your White Noise audio file to be saved to.