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- Karissa Mackin, Stewardess and Blogger

- Karissa Mackin, Stewardess and Blogger

First, I must tell you that after using the S-100 for the past one month, many nights I have slept deeply enough at times to dream more creative, interesting dreams than I ever have and think it’s because of the S-100’s clear, steady sound. You might say I’m now a “sound sleeper!”

- From B. Garnick

"I just purchased a Sound Oasis S-560-03 along with all of the sound cards and I'm enjoying it very much! Thank you for an excellent product!"

- B. Mazzuca, Philadelphia, PA

Like a lullaby!
Who knew some familiar background noise could be so relaxing? I bought this for my husband who would always turn on a fan for some background noise while he slept. Well a running fan and NY winters don't quite mix well so when I came upon this item, I figured it was worth a try. How did we ever manage without it?!? Even I absolutely love it and am lulled to sleep by soothing sounds of rainfall, the ocean surf, crickets, wind.... Other sounds are sold separately and I intend to purchase additional sound chips. It seriously is so relaxing. My husband's sleep was always erratic prior to this little sleep miracle. Now, since the few weeks that we've used it, he sleeps soundly through the night. I can't rave enough about this amazing product! HIGHLY recommend for anyone who sleeps fitfully….

- Angel

Love Love this.
I had to write the review for the sound oasis bc if your like I am than you've been looking, researching, and even tried everything to help you sleep. I love this machine.I bought a pair of very comfortable ear plugs, turned on the ocean and I slept all thru the night. This is night 4 and still sleeping good. Normal nights sleep was only a few hours sporadically.
The only thing that I would've liked is for better sound options. That said I'm going to purchase a couple expanded Sound cards.

- Sandra A.

Very pleased!
Very Happy with my Sound Oasis Machine. Authentic sounds, very relaxing. Slimline, doesn't need a lot of space. You can also hang in on the wall which is a great feature. Makes a great gift also!

- Alicia

Five Stars
My daughter loves this. Thank you.

- brown-eyed girl

Very nice machine
I really like the easy timer function on this. The sounds don't loop, no repeating. I would like to get another sound card, but they are very expensive

- James Hall

I know these are sounds to improve sleeping, but I found that these sounds work really well as background sounds for the house during the day.

For many years I've played music as background sounds like Easy Listening, Light Jazz and New Age music. But, I'm tired of music for house background sounds.

Then I tried Dr. Thompson's Celestial tracks and thought these are great. So, I've decided to get all of his tracks. I'm looking over your other tracks for possible purchase.

- J. Garrett, USA

We bought the sound oasis machine after staying at the Hyatt in Lake Tahoe and it was in the room. Staying in a fancy hotel is unusual for us, but we splurged for a special night for our 20th anniversary celebration. We live on a pretty noisy street and thought this would be a perfect solution for us nightly! looking forward to great sleeping now!

- K. O'Brien

I love all the sounds and the quality. I also like that it is a sound machine, radio, alarm clock all in one...and I can play my iPod.

- B. Sherk, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

I have used the Sound Oasis sound pad on myself and on others, with and without energy healing. All find it to be fantastic.

My daughter just became a foster mother to adopt in five months. Her 8 month-old son awoke several times during the night until he used the sound pad. After two weeks of use and other remedies, he now sleeps through the night. She and he have usurped it!

- F.S., Sunnyvale, CA

I had my doubt about weather Sound Oasis would help my insomnia, but after a week I am believer! It helps me get to sleep in a shorter time and get back to sleep if I wake up during the night! Goodbye to sleep meds that make me feel groggy the next day! :)

- Jan Horton Anderson

I developed tinnitus in 1998, when I had neighbors playing techno music at all unpredictable hours of the day. It attacked my sense of well being and caused the hyper-vigilance that provokes and feeds tinnitus. They moved out eventually but the tinnitus has never left - although it does shift in intensity.

This Gray Noise track is so comforting - blocking both the high pitch of the tinnitus and the footfall thumps of my newest neighbors and their small children. My recent distress at my tinnitus being ramped up again has been much soothed by this purchase. It sounds like a nice outward holiday trip on jet, masking incidental noise and creating a peaceful ambient.

Thank you!

- Peta Glass Theatre Practitioner and Presentation Skills Coach,
London, UK

I sleep more soundly and feel better when I wake up. Here's to a better night sleep!

- C.D.

I just wanted you to know that I used a Travel Sound Therapy System for almost 5 years every night before it finally died. I purchased a competing "Sound Soother" from a retail store and was utterly disgusted that they could sell such a worthless product. I decided that it would be worth my time and money to try your Deluxe System. It was well worth every penny! The speaker quality way out performs the travel system I had for 5 years. Thank you very much!

- Greg

You don't list this as a reason to use Sound Oasis products, but I use your Sound Oasis Travel unit to cover up my wife's very loud snoring. It works most excellently for this. It is the only reason we are able to sleep in the same bed. I had her make a cloth headband into which I inserted a set of your pillow speakers so I could cover both ears at the same time. The pillow speakers are a little bulky to use this way, but they work. The travel unit also works as an effective alarm clock that awakens only me.   

- D.S.L., KS

I recommend the Sound Oasis Deluxe unreservedly. It is a beautifully designed piece of equipment, with such a wide range of soothing sounds that there are bound to be a few to suit everyone.

The radio facility is also excellent, as is the timer that allows you to set radio or sounds to fade after 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Particularly impressive is the way the sounds slow down towards the end, which is very soporific.

I have always hated alarm clocks so love being woken by a sound of my choice, like gentle birdsong.

The backlit display is excellent - I can see the time and date clearly if I wake in the night.

My only criticism is that some of the sounds are on too obvious a repetitive loop, which I find wakes me up rather than puts me to sleep. But other people may not find this. With my favourite sounds, (Ocean, North Woods and Hidden Cove) it's very hard to detect the repetition.

- Mandy Sutter

The Sound Oasis Deluxe is awesome - next best thing to a cure for tinnitus (if only one could be found).

I tried it last night for the first time, drifting off to sleep to the soothing sounds of the ocean. Best sleep I've had for a very long time. I set it to go off gently after 90 minutes, but I was asleep well before then, untroubled by the usual ringing in my ears. Such a relief to find this product, thank you.

My only slight niggle is that the FM radio can only take three station pre-sets, where half a dozen would be better. But this is a minor matter - the machine itself is worth every penny for the relief it brings from tinnitus-troubled, sleepless nights.

- Ken Runicles

It actually works!! I've been able to get much better sleep and feel better during the daytime. Please add a pillow speaker option.

- C. B., Big Pine Key, FL

I like that it doesn't repeat the sound quickly like a cheap one I had.

- D.M., Stamping Ground, KY

Calms the babies when trying to sleep.

- T.R., Novato, CA

I like the many sound choices and it doubles as an alarm clock.

- S.W., Homerville, OH

Great sound clarity and variety. It works as advertised!

- E. S., La Vista, NE

Helps my husband sleep. Love the nature sounds and the shape looks like a piece of art!

- C.M., Chicago, IL

The different sounds and Sleep Enhancement are great!

- V.H., Germantown, WI

I like design and option to purchase additional sound cards.

- C.C., Wichita, KS

It is loud and easy to use!

- R.H., Senoia, GA

Drowns out the noise of passing vehicles so my son can sleep.

- L.S., Charlotte, NC

Your unit is very easy to use and the sounds are so lifelike.

- K.B. Tallahassee, FL

I like all of the features! The lullaby is great when getting baby ready for bed.

- J.B. Castle Rock, CO

Love the sound card option and alarm feature.

- M. S. Elverson, PA

Lets me sleep. Blocks out noise from neighbors.

- D. F., Bainbridge Is., WA

Love the clarity of sound and variety!

- L.E. Kansas City, MO

It works wonders on our baby in terms of sleeping.

- C.K. Chicago, IL

The sound choices are great, especially the extra cards and nautical sounds. Good sound quality and lightweight for travel.

- D.H. Gilbert, AZ

It really soothes our baby and blocks out unwanted noise!

- J.L. Falls Church, VA

My daughter takes great naps now!

- K.S. Atlanta, GA

The sounds are so accurate, authentic and clear.

- W.M. Rockville, MD

I like that I can adjust the volume and shut-off timer.

- P.C. Hyde Park, NY

The quality of sounds, clock, variety of sounds, portability and two power source options (battery or outlet) are great.

- D.P. Trumansburg, NY

I have owned a Sound Oasis without an alarm clock for several years. With this new version, the ocean sounds are particulary relaxing as I read. The white noise is subtle and drowns out other extraneous sounds. I like the white noise for sleep.

I am anxious to tell you of the success that I have had with your Sound Oasis® Sleep System.
About 21 years ago I had a bout with chronic insomnia. I lasted about 2 years and was quite severe. I was averaging about 2-3 hours a week of REM sleep. Needless to say it was quite debilitating. I went to hospitals and sleep centers such as John Hopkins and Georgetown and received advice from the head of Stamford's sleep center that, at the time, was considered the top sleep expert. None had seen so little sleep before although each had their own theory. Nothing helped. I even received a write up in the New England Journal of Medicine about the severity of this insomnia for no apparent medical or psychological reason. I tried all sorts of methods to solve this problem. Bio feedback, a drink before bed time, sleeping pills. Exercise, no exercise. You name it I tried it. I even tried to find a common denominator be creating a spread sheet outlining what I did, ate, drank as well as the cycles of the moon.
Two years later it seemed to get better for whatever reason. For the next 15 years I slept about 4 hours a night, always nervous each night about when my insomnia would return. About 5 years ago it did return. I lived with it for a year or so hoping that it would fade away like the last bout did. It did not. I started to take action again hoping that the technology of sleep had progressed over the years. The medications had progressed, but overall understanding of sleep had not. When I went to see the head of neurology at a very prestigious hospital, I was surprised to find the same doctor I had met with 15 years earlier at an equally prestigious hospital. I asked him what has happened over the last 15 years. He indicated "not much”. He, like everyone else, prescribed various drugs. Like with the previous bout, I started to try other methods to solve the problem. I tried acupuncture, new drugs and other approaches.
For those of you who are unaware of the details of chronic insomnia, a huge number of people suffer from this form of insomnia. It is very common and the least understood form of insomnia. It is hugely debilitating, depressing, and makes life not worth living. It is a constant struggle to get out of bed and do anything. I am a small business owner and have to get up each day and try to keep things on track. It was a constant and painful struggle each day.
On February first I turned 50. My wife had fairly large party planned for me. I wanted to feel good for the party and had not slept for a few days, so I took a couple of Ambian the night before. I had not taken any sleep medication for a few weeks so as to increase my odds that I would receive some success from the Ambian. One of the gifts that I received for my birthday was the Sound Oasis. I set it up, read about it and used it. Almost immediately I noticed a difference. Of course I thought that it was merely a coincidence. After all every now and then I do get ok nights sleep or a short period of good sleep. The good sleep continued and actually got better. The only bad nights that I have had since starting to use Sound Oasis was when I went to a sleep clinic and they wired me up with electrodes and said try and sleep. Additionally I had a bad cold and took cold medication which always keeps me up. Except for those 2 incidents, have slept better than I have ever slept in the last 20 years. I have been averaging about 5-6 hours a night. I have actually overslept a night or two which I have never done before. I haven't needed an alarm clock in 20 years.
I believe that my sleep problem has always been my inability to slow my brain down. After speaking with other chronic insomniacs, this description is not unusual. The combination of the sounds, voice, script and design of your product has created a system that leads me to a very focused point, blocking out other thoughts. I have been quickly falling asleep and staying asleep longer. And when I do wake up for what ever reason, I have been able to get back to sleep.
In the past, getting to sleep did not seem to be my problem. I was the waking up after 1-2 hours and not being able to get back to sleep. Over 5 years my body adjusted to this and this became a bad habit. Over the last 3 months the bad sleep habit has been changing for the better. I actually got one 8 hour night which I don't believe has ever happened.
Two and a half months is too long for a coincidence. This could actually be the solution (knock on wood). The benefits of better sleep has helped business as well as my personal life. I would have paid anything for a solution. Solution came in the form of your unit.
I think the secret, at least for me, is that I believe that that I could not relax my brain enough to fall asleep. I would just lay in bed all night going from one random thought to another. If I was lucky enough to get to sleep I would wake up in about an hour. I think that the overall bad habits contributed to the continuous waking up. When I would wake up after an hour of so, it would usually be for the rest of the night due to the fact that 1-2 hours of REM sleep was a lot for me and my brain was even more active after a bit of REM sleep.

It seems that using the Sound Oasis Sleep System has done the following:
Created a way for my brain to focus on one thing, blocking everything else out.
This took the pressure of going to sleep off allowing me to not worry about going to sleep.
The pressure being off and better sleep habits developing has led me to sleep longer without waking up.
Before using your unit, I would get maybe one good night of sleep every week or so. Now it is only one bad night every week or so. This is without any drugs whatsoever.
The entire design of the product, at least for me, is quite perfect. The amazing sounds. Unlike any I have ever heard seems to immediately relax me. The person behind the voice used has become a good friend who I look forward to spending time with each evening. The script used for the various sessions are brilliantly abstract. Whoever wrote the scripts seems to really know the concept of sleep deprivation. All together an amazingly well thought out product. I plan on purchasing a few extras for back ups.
Being sleep deprived is like living in a one dimensional world. You can only think about what is happening right now. Kind of like playing chess without thinking about future moves. You can not win that way.
I have always felt very fortunate about aspects of my life. Great family and a successful business. Most sleep doctors felt that was odd due to the fact that they feel that a lot of chronic insomnia stems from depression. Sleep was always my albatross. I told many friends that I would have given my right arm for a guaranty of 4 hours a night or greater.
"Knock on wood". This may be a thing of the past.
The bottom line is that you and your team deserve a thank you and congratulations on giving me back a segment of my life that I, and sleep professionals were struggling with.
There are many like me who are tormented with chronic insomnia. In the professional field of sleep deprivation usually only apnea and narcolepsy were focused on. All the others needed to fend for themselves. Al least for me it seems like your Sound Oasis has begun to return my sleep habits back to normal, something I haven't felt in over 20 years.
If there is anything that I can do for you and your team, please let me know.
I owe you all, thank you.

- S. G. Fairfax, Virginia

I am writing to express my appreciation for your bringing to the market an affordable, portable, high quality Vibroacoustic therapy system. It is has been very cost-prohibitive to utilize this technology until now, and I am very impressed with the quality of your device.

I am impressed with the embedded audio programs, and also LOVE using my Psychoacoustic 3D audio CD's produced by the Center for Neuroacoustic Research in Encinitas California. I have offered sessions to some of my clients and they have raved about how relaxing and profoundly effective it is.

Thanks for a great product!

- Ezra Kreamer, LCSW, Belfast, ME

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Sound Oasis machine. I have had several machines in the past that I was dissatisfied with. This was the answer I was looking for. The sounds on the machine are authentic and real sounding. The one touch button is great and it is nice to set it for a specific amount of time to play then go off. The ability to add sounds through cards is also a big plus. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It provides the perfect soothing environment for sleeping. Your product rocks!

- Joel Leckie

"I love it! Now I can listen to music without bothering my husband. Works great with my iPod."

- C.M., Pittsburgh, PA

I am so thankful to have discovered Sound Oasis on the Internet. I recently downloaded two files, one for Pink Noise and the other for Tinnitus. They each have an 8 hour, uninterrupted, playing-time and can be downloaded onto a MP3 Player. Once there, I can either use my earbuds or my Ipod dock to hear the downloads.

The Pink Noise very effectively covers any and all extraneous sounds and the Tinnitus is very soothing to my ringing ears; both exceeded my hopes and expectations.

Equally important is the excellent customer service, this is by far one of the greatest companies with products that actually do what they say they will do.

- Adrienne Hudgens

I have been searching for such sound for months. Most "white noise" products have a loop every five, twenty or eighty minutes. The result is that just as I am drifting off the sound turns off and startles me back awake. Alternatively, I was sometimes awoken from a deep sleep when the sound "re-looped."

Now I sleep much better: 8 hours of constant, sound blocking noise.

What's also great is the variety of sounds offered by Sound Oasis. I've been using white noise for years but it turns out that the sounds in my apt are better blocked by brown noise. I'm deeply grateful and better rested.

- Josh, Austin, Tx

I would just like to let you know that purchasing your S-5000 Oasis Sound System was the best idea EVER.

Been using it now for over a month and I'm sleeping straight through the night. It blocks out the noise of birds and squirrels on the roof, as well as the flapping plastic during stormy weather. Simply a Wonderful Machine. It was well worth it. Glad I found You. Thank you for shipping to Cape Town South Africa.

- N. Zanzinger, Cape Town, South Africa

IT WORKED! THANKS!!!!!! great relief for my tinnitus, and now I can take it wherever I go. You guys are rock stars.

- J.J. Marcus

"I love your Wake-up Sleep System!"

- Judy M.

I have had severe tinnitus now for several years and have benefited enormously from using your products. Especially in the early stages, your sleep therapy machine and sound cards were the only way I could hope to get a good nights sleep!

- D.W., United Kingdom

This machine is a god send to me and I would certainly recommend it to anyone that suffers from tinnitus without hesitation.

With thanks and my best regards

- B.K., Laindon, UK

I love the system for sleeping, so much so that I take it while traveling.

- C.K.

I recently purchased and downloaded the Sound Oasis Summer Night 8 Hr recording. In addition to being able to use it on the BST-100, I'm also using it on my computer as background sound to bring solace and comfort as I go about other computer tasks. I guarantee you will love it. It's just as they claimed. That is, there don't seem to be any repeats during the 8 hours of the recording.

I've had 2 other sound machines before that used loops, or simulated crickets and got very annoyed with those inferior machines. So it's very refreshing to have an opportunity to listen to, for all intents and purposes, what you would experience outside in the summer. My compliments to the Sound Oasis company.

You have truly given me an oasis of blissful tranquility!

- Blake Raines, Spingfield, PA

I recently purchased and downloaded the Sound Oasis Summer Night 8 Hr recording. In addition to being able to use it on the BST-100, I'm also using it on my computer as background sound to bring solace and comfort as I go about other computer tasks. I guarantee you will love it. It's just as they claimed. That is, there don't seem to be any repeats during the 8 hours of the recording.

I've had 2 other sound machines before that used loops, or simulated crickets and got very annoyed with those inferior machines. So it's very refreshing to have an opportunity to listen to, for all intents and purposes, what you would experience outside in the summer. My compliments to the Sound Oasis company.

You have truly given me an oasis of blissful tranquility!

- Blake Raines, Spingfield, PA

I have been using your app on my Android phone after I began suffering from tinnitus. It's been a life saver.

- Stephen

"Thankful for S-5000 Sound Oasis and white noise machine"
I live in a pretty noisy neighborhood. That makes it difficult for me to catch up on quality hours of sleep. My colleague suggested me using S-5000 Soundoasis sleep machine. To be honest, earlier I was skeptical but after using it for a week, I am now convinced. It has helped me sleep easily. I especially love the pleasing North Woods sound and white noise. This sleep noise machine has got 145 sound options and an alarm clock too. It creates a peaceful ambient for sound sleep and I am thankful for it.

- Michael Cohan

"Best Sleep Sound Therapy Systems they have!"
I was suffering from sleep disorder issues, so one of my friends suggested me about Sound Oasis Sleep therapy devices. I used "Bluetooth Sleep Sound Therapy System BST-100" from and within a week I could see the difference. Now, I can sleep well and most important I can take 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep using the sleep sounds of this system. Wonderful device, specially for people like me. Thanks Sound Oasis!

- Jason

"I rarely endorse products, but when I do it's because I personally use the product and love it. Sound Oasis gave me a Glo to Sleep mask in 2014 and I have been using it at home and when I travel ever since. Best features: it's lightweight and totally blocks out all light helping me fall asleep and stay asleep."

- Anne Dimon, Travel to Wellness Editor
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