Bluetooth Tinnitus Sound Therapy Now Available at CVS Phamarcies

Clinically proven tinnitus management from Sound Oasis is now available at select CVS locations.
Click the button below to find the nearest CVS location carrying this revolutionary product!

Sleep Masks

Fall asleep faster, block out external light and wake up more refreshed with our line of high tech sleep masks.

Bluetooth Sound Machines

Enjoy white noise, nature sounds and Bluetooth music with our high fidelity stereo Bluetooth sound machine. Sleep sound therapy has never sounded this good – and neither has your music.

Sound Machines for Sleep

Clinically proven tinnitus, sleep, and relaxation sounds from world renowned doctors along with the ability to create your own custom sound cards.

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Sound Oasis Download Store
Enjoy better sleep and health with our exclusive Sound Oasis® downloadable 8 hour MP3 sleep sounds.
Our Mobile Apps
Our mobile Apps include Tinnitus Therapy Pro and Nature Sounds for Sleep each featuring a 10 band equalizer for perfect sound
Our Sound Therapy Blog
CVS Pharmacy and Sound Oasis Team Up to Provide Tinnitus Relief
  • CHEO Baby Oasis
  • Mayo Clinic Mary Greeley Medical Center
  • World Sleep Foundation
  • Chisco Childrens Medical Center of NY
  • American academy of audiology tinnitus practitioners assocation
  • W Hollywood Extreme Makeover VGM group