2010 Housewares Design Awards named FilterStream

“Best in Category” for Home Environment Electrics
AirTamer® Ultra High Efficiency Air Purifier A710


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(New York, NY • February 10, 2010) – At the Seventh Annual Housewares Design Awards Ceremony & Luncheon held at the Marriott New York Marquis and selected from a field of some 300 entries, the recently introduced AirTamer® A710 was named “Best in Category” for Home Environment Electrics. Some Home Environment Electrics contenders include familiar names such as Alen, Oreck and Winix appliance companies.
Evaluation Criteria

The panel of judges including retailers, practicing designers and new product development experts judged items based on several product characteristics: Unique appearance and/or function, Recognized or unrecognized consumer needs addressed by product, Appropriate aesthetics, Innovative materials or technology, Human factors and safety issues, Market positioning and competitive performance, Social impact, Emotional Appeal and Environmental benefits (materials, processes, etc.).

Products judged were introduced to the United States market between October 1, 2008 and September 30, 2009 and are manufactured by companies around the world.

The Housewares Design Awards are presented by HomeWorld Business with educational support from the International Housewares Association and sponsorship by DuPont Teflon Housewares and the New York International Gift Fair.

AirTamer® Ultra High Efficiency Air Purifier A710

It’s functional yet attractive flat panel design (less than 8” thick), utilizes 6 state-of-the-art fans and is able to move extra large volumes of air through high particle capture filters with very little energy. On low, AirTamer® only consumes a record breaking 5 watts of electricity (equivalent to just $5.11 per year of 24/7 use on low speed), yet on high speed is certified to clean a 20’ x 20’ room in just 12 minutes! It’s unique flexible filter system uses the industry’s largest filter allowed and gives the consumer complete control of their desired filtration level with the filter replacement options of an AirTamer® filter or any other standard 16” x 20” furnace filter. Consumers many also choose to condition the air with healthy, scientifically proven scents by using the optional aroma system. The AirTamer® also offers whisper quiet operation, zero ozone emission and comes complete with five fan speeds, a programmable timer and filter change indicator.

The new AirTamer® line consists of three models (A600, A700 and A710) which differ by the included air filter. The A600 contains one High Performance Electrostatic Pleated Filter (ideal for rooms up to 280 square feet); the A700 which contains one Ultra High Performance Pleated Filter (ideal for rooms up to 400 square feet); and the A710 (for professional markets) which contains one Ultra High Performance Pleated Filter and three Germ-Odor-Virus Protection Filters (ideal for rooms up to 400 square feet).

About FilterStream®

The FilterStream® brand is a relative newcomer in the home environment category, but the company has a long history in products for air purification. The company is a long term OEM supplier of electronic room air purifiers to high end specialty retailers in the USA and around the world, marketing products in over 30 countries worldwide. FilterStream® is dedicated to making our customer’s lives cleaner and healthier with creative solutions that combine superior quality with the very latest technology.

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