CVS Pharmacy and Sound Oasis Team Up to Provide Tinnitus Relief

Sound Oasis is proud to announce that our new Bluetooth Tinnitus Sound Therapy System is available at select CVS Pharmacy locations. Visit your local CVS Pharmacy's Healthy Technology section and you'll find our newest Tinnitus management tool on the shelf. Look for this packaging on your CVS Pharmacy store shelf Find the CVS Nearest to You

Meet the World’s Smallest Sound Machine

If you liked our World’s Smallest White Noise Machine™, you’re going to love the World’s Smallest Sound Machine™ by Sound Oasis. Available in 2 versions, packed with 24 unique sounds each, specially selected for their ability to enhance sleep, focus, relaxation and tinnitus relief, this travel and user-friendly innovation delivers exceptional quality you can hold in the palm

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Wondering what the best white noise machine for back to school is?

Start fresh this September with sleep and study sound therapy systems by Sound Oasis®. With 3 Bluetooth options to choose from, each including our premium Sound Oasis Apps (a $13 value) free, alarm clock combinations to help you wake refreshed and on time, and leading-edge sound technology for travel, you’ll find the white noise machine that fits your life at Brand New BST-80 Sleep Sound Therapy System with Bluetooth

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Introducing the Brand New Sound Oasis S-680 Sound Therapy Systems

 Introducing the New Standard in Sound MachinesBased on our highly successful S-650 design and reinvented with the latest sleep technology, the new Sound Oasis Advanced Sound Therapy System® has all the tools to help you to fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed. The Sound Oasis Tinnitus Sound Therapy System® combines world leading sound technology with therapeutic, made for tinnitus sounds to provide the best tinnitus masking and relief available in a sound machine alarm clock.

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illumy Light Sleep Mask Replacement Cover – 35% Lighter and More Flexible!

It’s Finally Here! A Lighter, More Flexible Contour Cover to turn your illumy into a light sleep mask.To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of illumy’s retail launch, we’re pleased to announce that our lighter and more flexible replacement cover is ready!If you’re looking to renew your illumy with a new cover after a year of use, you can now upgrade it at the same time. Get a refreshed sleep mask with a new, clean cover and improve the weight and flexibility all at once.What’s

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Learn More About Vibroacoustics and the VTS-1000

What is the VTS-1000?The Sound Oasis VTS-1000 is a revolutionary healthcare appliance that combines low frequency vibrations with sound therapy to stimulate body cells into therapeutic states of relaxation and healing.How does it work?The VTS-1000 is a portable back support system that includes a Low Frequency Generator (for producing specially tuned low frequency vibrations), stereo Audio speakers (for producing soothing music with brainwave entrainment) and a Remote Control that contains 12 doctor developed sounds for 60 minutes of professional therapy.Music:The

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Sound Oasis launches

Learn more about Sound Oasis white noise products at our new website A website focused on identifying the white noise machine that suits your needs best according to application.We will organize our sound machines into groups focused on various uses such as:For BabyFor SleepFor Office and PrivacyFor TravelEach category has specific needs which are met best by a specific white noise machine. Learn what the best white noise machine is for you!To learn more visit:

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Vibroacoustic Therapy is Back

Exciting news! You can once again order your own Vibroacoustic therapy system and enjoy massage therapy combined with soothing music. What is Vibroacoustics?Vibroacoustic massage uses low frequency sound or vibrations to excite the body's cells at specific frequencies to encourage relaxation and healing. Your entire body responds to the sound and vibrations that it is presented with. When the vibrating massage and sound waves are the right frequency, your mind and body benefit

The Best Sound Machine is the White Noise Machine Designed by You

A Customized Sound Machine is the Best Sound Machine.What makes a good sound machine? That depends who you ask but one thing that everyone can agree on is that the right, high quality sounds are key. A lot of white noise machines and sound machines offer good sound selection but what happens when newly recorded sound tracks are released? At Sound Oasis we know our customers always want the best sleep solutions so we're consistently recording and producing new sounds. We also

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Tips and tricks for illumy troubleshooting

Having trouble with your illumy sleep mask? Try these helpful illumy troubleshooting tips.Note that the illumy App contains a help guide for the App as well as the illumy eye mask. Click on the "?" mark icon beside the sync button to visit the App help page.If you would like to find a summary of illumy's features and learn more about the product, visit the product

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How does the illumy eye mask work: Tone decoding

In our previous blog posts we have discussed how illumy works from the customer’s perspective. We’ve covered how the red light simulates a sunset and the blue light simulates a sunrise. We have covered some of the science and research that shows that blue light exposure in the morning can be more effective than a cup of coffee (if you missed it: click here for a good starting point). Our How-to videos demonstrate how to use our newest sleep

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illumy eye mask now available through Indiegogo!

After years of research and development, our illumy sunrise and sunset sleep eye mask is finally available to everyone. You may know from our previous blog posts on wakeup lights and eye masks, that we have been looking forward to the launch of this product for a few months. To celebrate this milestone, during the launch of our sleep mask we're offering up to 50% off. For the

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illumy™ how-to videos to help you get familiar with using the new illumy™ sleep mask

Today we're happy to share some how-to videos for our new illumy sleep and wake mask that we hope you will find helpful. These short clips are meant to help you become familiar with using your illumy sleep mask. We cover how to charge the illumy sleep mask, how to program illumy using the smartphone App, adjusting the sunset brightness and the best way to store your sleep mask and accessories.

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Light alarm clock and wake-up light in a sleep mask

Many people enjoy the benefits of a light alarm clock or wake-up light such as the Sound Oasis BLS-100SO. Like other wake-up lights, it provides bright white light in a sunrise wake-up clock however it also includes calming nature sounds to help you get to sleep. Studies have shown that bright white and blue light in the morning immediately reduces sleep inertia (the technical term

Introducing ILLUMY, the newest member of the GloToSleep family

We are proud to introduce ILLUMY™, the newest member of the GloToSleep family of sleep masks. ILLUMY™ is a comfortable and lightweight sleep mask that helps you fall asleep with gently dimming light and wake up in the morning with an invigorating sunrise.   at