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Introducing the Brand New Sound Oasis S-680 Sound Therapy Systems

Introducing the New Standard in Sound Machines Based on our highly successful S-650 design and reinvented with the latest sleep technology, the new Sound Oasis Advanced Sound Therapy System® has all the tools to help you to fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed. Our sound therapy has proven to be an effective source of tinnitus relief and is recommended by audiologists around the world.

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illumy Light Sleep Mask Replacement Cover – 35% Lighter and More Flexible!

It’s Finally Here! A Lighter, More Flexible Contour Cover to turn your illumy into a light sleep mask.To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of illumy’s retail launch, we’re pleased to announce that our lighter and more flexible replacement cover is ready!If you’re looking to renew your illumy with a new cover after a year of use, you can now upgrade it at the same time.

What is Vibroacoustics? Vibroacoustic Therapy with Soothing Music

Learn More About Vibroacoustics and the VTS-1000

The Sound Oasis VTS-1000 is a revolutionary healthcare appliance that combines low frequency vibrations with sound therapy to stimulate body cells into therapeutic states of relaxation and healing. It is a portable back support system that includes a Low Frequency Generator (for producing specially tuned low frequency vibrations), stereo Audio speakers (for producing soothing music with brainwave entrainment) and a Remote Control that contains 12 doctor developed sounds for 60 minutes of professional therapy.

Sound Oasis launches Best White Noise Machine - Sound for Sleep

Sound Oasis Best White Noise Products

Visit the Sound Machine section on our website to learn more about Sound Oasis and our White Noise products. Sound Oasis is focused on identifying the Best White Noise Machine to help you Sleep, Mask Tinnitus, Relax or to block unwanted noise.

What is Vibroacoustics? Vibroacoustic Therapy with Soothing Music

Vibroacoustic Therapy is Back

What is Vibroacoustics? Vibroacoustic massage uses low frequency sound or vibrations to excite the body's cells at specific frequencies to encourage relaxation and healing. Your entire body responds to the sound and vibrations that it is presented with. This device is easy to set up and enjoy whether you need a back massage in the office, de-stressing at home or winding down before bed. Available Now with Free Shipping to the US

Best Sound Machine is the White Noise Machine Designed by You

The Best Sound Machine is the White Noise Machine Designed by You

What makes a good sound machine? That depends who you ask but one thing that everyone can agree on is that the right, high quality sounds are key. At Sound Oasis we know our customers always want the best sleep solutions so we're consistently recording and producing new sounds. We also know that as we continue to add the best white noise sounds, nature sounds and sleep music.

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Tips and Tricks for illumy Troubleshooting

Having trouble with your illumy sleep mask? Try these helpful illumy troubleshooting tips. Note that the illumy App contains a help guide for the App as well as the illumy eye mask. Click on the "?" mark icon beside the sync button to visit the App help page. If you would like to find a summary of illumy's features and learn more about the product, visit the product page here.

illumy sleep Eye Mask Work

How Does the illumy Eye Mask Work: Tone Decoding

What about the insides of the device and how does this work? How can illumy be programmed by sound and keep track of the time and alarm as well as the sunrise and sunset settings? In this article I will try to give some insight into how the illumy tone decode circuit and software works from a technical point of view.

illumy sleep Eye Mask Work

illumy Eye Mask Now Available through Indiegogo!

After years of research and development, our illumy sunrise and sunset sleep eye mask is finally available to everyone. To celebrate this milestone, during the launch of our sleep mask we're offering up to 50% off. For the best price you'll ever see on illumy and be the first to experience a more natural way to wake up, illumy was envisioned by our team to let everyone benefit from this science of light developed for NASA.

New illumy Sleep Mask | How-to Videos help you get Familiar

illumy™ How-to Videos to help you get Familiar with Using the New illumy™ Sleep Mask

Today we're happy to share some how-to videos for our new illumy sleep and wake mask that we hope you will find helpful. These short clips are meant to help you become familiar with using your illumy sleep mask. We cover how to charge the illumy sleep mask, how to program illumy using the smartphone App, adjusting the sunset brightness and the best way to store your sleep mask and accessories.

Light Alarm Clock and Wake-up Light in a Sleep Mask

Light Alarm Clock and Wake-up Light in a Sleep Mask

Many people enjoy the benefits of a light alarm clock or wake-up light such as the Sound Oasis BLS-100SO. We designed the illumy sleep and wake mask to combine a relaxing sunset, complete light blocking all night and an invigorating, and sleep-inertia-clearing blue light alarm clock. You can learn more about illumy’s design on the illumy product page and if to learn more about why it works, read more...

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Introducing ILLUMY, the Newest Member of the GloToSleep Family

We are proud to introduce ILLUMY™, the newest member of the GloToSleep family of sleep masks. ILLUMY™ is a comfortable and lightweight sleep mask that helps you fall asleep with gently dimming light and wake up in the morning with an invigorating sunrise. To learn more about ILLUMY™, visit the illumy product page.

PTSD Awareness Month

PTSD Awareness Month

Millions of Americans suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), approximately 44.7 million to be more accurate equating to 20 percent of the adult population. PTSD was not recognized as a psychological disorder until 1980. There are several ways to treat PTSD and it varies based on the patient and their needs and responsiveness. Treatments can include cognitive behavioral therapy, medications or a combination of both. "NOTE" PTSD is a condition that can be deadly in extreme cases.

Tinnitus Diagnosing and Treatments

Tinnitus Diagnosing and Treatments

There is no medical or surgical cure for tinnitus. For patients who suffer from hearing loss, tinnitus hearing aids and cochlear implants may help reduce symptoms. Most patients get relief from their symptoms with therapy and masking. There are machines that are worn like hearing aids, table top, and mp3 style with headphones. Our favorites are this one, the BST-100 and the S-850W for when we are out and about.

what is the main cause of tinnitus

Causes of Tinnitus

There are several factors that can lead to tinnitus, some more common than others. The most common causes are tiny hairs inside the ear that detect the sound waves and send them as electrical impulses to the brain. Exposure to loud noises such as heavy equipment, firearms, portable music devices that have the volume turned up too loud, and attending loud concerts can also cause the symptoms of tinnitus.

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