S-850W Travel Sleep Sound Therapy System – “ideal for home use, and travel use”

Proven to help you sleep, and relax; the S-850W Sound Oasis Travel Sleep Sound Therapy is a innovative machine that blocks out annoying hotel noises, manage tinnitus and creates a peaceful sleep environment be it at home or traveling. Here is a testimonial video by Karissa Mackin as she talks about the benefits and features of the  S-850W Sound Oasis Travel Sleep Sound Therapy System.

Sound Oasis Deluxe S-6000 Sleep Sound Therapy System

Sound Oasis Deluxe  S-5000 sleep sound therapy system creates a peaceful environment that leads to sound sleep, relaxation, and tinnitus relief. It offers the listener with 145 sound possibilities that include 24 main sounds and 5 mix sounds that allows you to customize your sound environment.

Sound Oasis Sounds – “exceeded my hopes and expectations”

I recently downloaded Sound Oasis two files, one for Pink Noise and the other for Tinnitus. They each have an 8 hour, uninterrupted, playing-time and can be downloaded onto a MP3 Player. Once there, I can either use my earbuds or my Ipod dock to hear the downloads.

Sound Oasis White Noise help me in being “better rested”

I have been searching for such sound for months. Most "white noise" products have a loop every five, twenty or eighty minutes. The result is that just as I am drifting off, the sound turns off and startles me back awake. Alternatively, I was sometimes awoken from a deep sleep when the sound "re-looped."

Sound Oasis S-5000 Sound System – “Simply a Wonderful Machine”

Been using it now for over a month and I'm sleeping straight through the night. It blocks out the noise of birds and squirrels on the roof, as well as the flapping plastic during stormy weather. Simply a Wonderful Machine. It was well worth it. Glad I found You. Thank you for shipping to Cape Town South Africa.

Dr. Bartel’s TOP 5 tips for better sleep

Dr. Bartel’s TOP 5 tips for better sleep

Tips For Better Sleep: 1. PREPARE PHYSICALLY FOR SLEEP 2. PREPARE PSYCHOLOGICALLY FOR SLEEP 3. HELP YOUR BRAIN GO TO SLEEP WITH SLEEP TRACKS 4. USE MUSIC UPON WAKE UP 5. REDUCE STRESS DURING THE DAY. There are sound tracks available (like the SC300-01 Sound Oasis Sleep Relaxation Wellness Sound Card that help create a more relaxed environment during your workday

5 daily habits that will help you sleep better!

Want to Sleep Better? Try Implementing These 5 Good Habits for Sleep Better! 1. Make sure to have a real bed de-stressing routine, and use it daily 2. Make your bed every single day and de-clutter your room 3. Rise and go to sleep at the same time every day - seven days a week 4. Find the supplements that work for you when you need some extra sleep help 5. If you have trouble with resentment and anger, learn how to forgive and let go

5 Ways to Support a Better Night’s Sleep - Sleep Sound Therapy

7 Ways to Support a Better Night’s Sleep

Want to sleep better? Here are 5 things you need to avoid in order to support a better night’s sleep! 1. Avoid storing electronics in your bedroom 2. Avoid letting kids and pets into your bedroom 3. Avoid eating “loud” foods at certain times of the day 4. Stay away from sugar, nicotine, alcohol 5. Stay away from the use of sleeping pills

sound oasis travel sleep sound therapy system

Sound Oasis Travel Sleep Sound Therapy System is Packed With Features

This travel sleep sound machine is super easy to use, says Joanna. All you do is wear the headband John McEnroe style (to the uninitiated or too young, that's around the forehead and back of the head), adjust the speakers so they sit over your ears, then plug the jack into your device and set it to play.

Find the Perfect Sleep Position

Here's a good Wall Street Journal article on sleep positions.

Tinnitus sound therapy system

How Sound Oasis and Sound Therapy Can Help Your Tinnitus, by Lily McCann

According to statistics from the American Tinnitus Association, over 12 million people suffer from tinnitus in the United States alone. There are a number of treatments available to make the condition more manageable and Sound Oasis can help with their range of tinnitus masking products. In this can read all the Causes of Tinnitus, Effects, Treatment Methods

New Nature Journey Sound Card for natural, healthy sleep!

Sound Oasis is now shipping our Nature Journey Sound Card! This new sound card contains 12 of our most popular nature sounds. These exceptional sounds are authentic digital recordings recorded in the wild by the world's foremost nature recorder.

Help your baby sleep with “Sleep Sounds for Baby”

We're very pleased to announce that the new Sound Oasis Sleep Sounds for Baby Sound Card is now shipping! This sound card provides the ultimate selection of sounds proven to help babies and children of all ages sleep.

Sound Oasis Launches Sleep Bear to Help Babies (and parents) Sleep

Are you looking for a better way to help your baby sleep? Are you looking for a unique, high quality baby gift? Well, Sound Oasis, the world leader in sound therapy systems, is dedicated to helping your baby, child and you sleep better.

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