Office Privacy

Open office spaces are often too quiet and conversations can project several offices away. When the content of a conversation is confidential or sensitive in nature, extra care must be made to keep the sound environment secure. Sound Oasis sound machines mask these conversations so others cannot hear them. A constant white or grey noise at low volume can help mask or cover the sound of a conversation. Sound Oasis machines are an ideal choice because:

  • You can select from the widest variety of sounds available - sounds that are pleasant to listen to and excellent at masking (e.g. white noise, stream, rain, etc.).
  • All of our units are portable so you can take it from one office to another, or place it exactly where you are having the conversation.
  • All of our units, except of Deluxe S-5000, can be powered by batteries or the included AC adapter.
  • Some of our models can even be mounted to a wall.

How To Increase Office Privacy With Sound Oasis

Sound Oasis sound machines are an ideal way to:

  • Effectively create a pleasant background sound that curbs the ability of others to hear private and confidential conversations
  • Improve office productivity by blocking out annoying sounds that can effect worker concentration

How To Increase Office Productivity With Sound Oasis

A sound environment that is too quiet or too noisy can have dramatic reductions on worker productivity. Robert Young, author of Building Design & Construction, has shown that over 70% of office workers say that reduction in noise would increase productivity, yet only 19% of executives surveyed were aware of a noise problem. A 2004 study 'Evaluations of effects due to low-frequency noise in a low demanding work situation' in Sweden administered a written test to adults listening to recordings of heating vent noises common in offices. This group was less attentive, slower to respond to questions and more likely to answer questions incorrectly, compared with adults who listened to reduced levels of the same sound. When your brain is processing the buzzing and humming in the background, you can start to get sleepy, too. "It produces a higher cognitive load, so it uses a higher level of concentration or effort to pay attention to your tasks... you can get fatigued," says Jo Solet, a Harvard Medical School researcher of the health effects of sound. According to Solet, "The best workplaces provide a balance between the quiet and the clamor, and that hearing some level of background noise is necessary for work. You should have an ambient sound level that is protective, not intrusive, so that you can protect privacy in conversations".