How Sound Oasis helps with insomnia

Everyone has had trouble falling asleep at one time or another. Whether it’s caused by stress, too much coffee, a change in schedule or a change in seasons (SADS) we all just want that little bit of help (or sometimes a lot of help!). Our team has worked with doctors and sleep experts to create solutions that help you overcome these challenges. One of the keys to getting better sleep is to give your body and mind queues that you are ready for bed. Once prepared for bed, a constant sound and light environment ensures that you aren’t interrupted while falling asleep and while you sleep. A sound machine helps create that constant sound environment and for those sensitive to light, a sleep mask can guide you to relax and block out any external light.

Coupled with small lifestyle adjustments, our testimonials show that our solutions help create a constant sleep environment that will encourage your body to relax and prepare for sleep. Once you get into a routine without interruptions, you’ll get to sleep, stay asleep and really reduce daytime fatigue so that you can be the most productive you’ve ever been.

Click on each solution below to learn more and find the ones that are right for you:

Sound machines that play sounds developed in partnership with our dedicated sleep experts:


The most comfortable sleep masks designed to use technology to help you drift off: Simple low cost solutions like the GloToSleep GTS-1000 to the fully featured illumy wakeup light sleep mask will have you nod off before you know it.

light alarm clock sleep mask

Downloadable 8 hour sleep sounds: Play the most relaxing sleep sounds on any mp3 player or mobile device. Sounds range from nature and ambient recordings to carefully composed sleep music by Dr. Lee Bartel.

Sleep music Sounds

Nature Sounds for Sleep mobile App – play all of our authentic nature recordings on your Android or iOS device and create your own inviting sleep environment:

Nature sound for sleep Pro App screen 2