How Sound Oasis helps

In partnership with our research collaborators, the Sound Oasis team has developed sounds which target a wide range of tinnitus symptoms. We offer a variety of options tailored for specific frequencies, as well as full spectrum tracks featuring white noise, gray noise and brown noise.

Every tinnitus case is different; it can take some time and testing to identify what works best for you. Explore our collection of portable sound machines and digital downloads, and take control of the frequency coverage of each track on Android or iOS by using our 10-band equalizer in the Tinnitus Therapy Pro Mobile App. This App allows the volume of 10 frequency bands to be adjusted for the most comfortable masking sound possible.

Our solutions:

Sound machines: Doctor-developed therapeutic sounds on your portable Bluetooth speaker, bedside alarm clock sound machine or portable devices.



Download sounds: 8-hour tracks with the same high-quality therapeutic sounds for your mp3 player or PC.


Tinnitus Therapy Sounds


Tinnitus Therapy Pro mobile App – Targeted tinnitus sounds for your Android or iOS device.


Tinnitus Pro App screen 2