GloToSleep Delivers Winning Night’s Sleep to Hollywood

GLOtoSLEEP masks were especially well-received by the unsung heroes of the year’s best; the supporting cast members, camera people, make-up artists, stylists and the special effects people; many of whom work longer hours than the leading actors, and, if it were not for them, “Hollywood,” would not exist. Recipients include Damian Jones, the producer of “The Iron Lady”; Rob Legato special effects master for “Hugo”; cast members of “The Artist”; the special effects team of the “Harry Potter” movies; the ineffable, Gary Busey; ‘Apprentice,’ Lou Ferrigno; Barbara Eve Harris; Donna Mills; Former James Bond, George Lazenby; Sofia Milos; the pryo effects team from Tuba Atlantic (the Norwegian short film nominated for an OSCAR®); Andrew Bowler, (producer nominated for movie-short Time Freak); Glee’s, Joss Sussman and Haley Nolan; Brett Lockhart (New England Patriots); a smattering of striking Russian models; Donna Mills and a large number of soap-opera’s cast and crew.