Travel Accessories Review: Sound Oasis

Using the Sound Oasis is easy. You have the option of plugging it in a running it off electricity, or popping in four AA batteries; there’s also a backup battery system so your settings are saved when you need to change the batteries or if there’s a power outage.

When it comes features there are so many:
*There are travel time and home time settings
*18 nature and relaxation sounds from ocean surf to thunderstorms and birdsong
*Four sounds can be used as alarm settings including one for jet lag reduction
*There’s a white noise setting with a timer to help you drive off to sleep
*The timer has four positions from 30 minutes to continuous sound
*There’s also a “gradual off” volume reduction feature

Not only does this unit look great, but it is also lightweight, portable, and an important sleep aid which tells the time and wakes you up on demand.