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tinnitus-therapy-download-storeAre you looking for help coping with Tinnitus? You’re not alone – According to the American Tinnitus Association, 12 million Americans deal with ringing, clicking or hissing in the ears.

Tinnitus Therapy Sound - Developed by Dr. Thompson
Dr. Thompson

About 10% of cases are considered severe which means that the distraction affects your every day activities, including sleep. In fact, tinnitus is normally more bothersome at night because your bedroom is more quiet.

At Sound Oasis, we recognize these everyday challenges and we can help. We’re problem solvers and we’re always working to develop solutions that relieve and mitigate Tinnitus so you can relax and enjoy quality sleep. We work with world leading doctors such as Dr. Jeffery Thompson and Dr. Lee Bartel to deliver effective, novel approaches towards sound masking and sleep music.

Dr. Thompson’s sounds contain multiple high frequency components which are built into musical compositions to create an effective tinnitus sound therapy solution in a pleasant sound track. Dr. Bartel’s sounds are composed with low frequencies embedded in the sounds to mask tinnitus and encourage you to fall asleep quickly. We also have a large and growing library of nature, music and mechanical sounds that have been proven effective in helping tinnitus sufferers enjoy relief.

Developed By Dr. Lee Bartel
Dr. Lee Bartel

Of course, Tinnitus relief goes beyond sleep. Sound masking can also be used during the day or night when you are trying to concentrate on work or simply trying to wind down. Which sounds are most effective for your Tinnitus? For some, musical tracks (with or without embedded frequencies) work well. For others, sounds of nature or various tones of white noise work best. Experimentation with different sounds is the ideal way for you to pinpoint a specific sound or sounds that provides you with tinnitus relief.

At Sound Oasis, we will help you with this sound selection process by providing the widest variety of tinnitus therapy sound options in the world. We offer Tinnitus Sound machines for masking, Mobile Apps, a multitude of 8 hour download mp3s and sound speakers/pillows for the most flexible and effective sound relief completely tailored to your own situation. Feel free to explore each category below for more information.

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