Custom Sound Card for Bluetooth Sound Machines

Create your own sound experience by selecting 10 or 20 sounds for a custom sound card. Just insert the new card into your Bluetooth speaker’s SD card slot and enjoy a tailored relaxation session.


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Product Description

Custom Sound Card – Create your own Sound Oasis sound experience by selecting a 10 or 20 sound custom SD card.
Add additional sounds to your existing Sound Oasis BST-80, BST-100 or BST-400 Stereo sound machine. Sound Oasis offers over 100 patent pending ALL NIGHT sleep sounds utilizing the world’s only 8hr uninterrupted sound tracks.

Choose sounds from:


White noise:
Effectively covers all extraneous sounds, creating a peaceful sleep environment.
Tinnitus Therapy:
Manage Tinnitus for a peaceful, all night sleep environment.
Ambient Sound:
Create a familiar and consistent sound environment.
Nature Sounds:
Create a peaceful, all night sleep environment.
Whale Sounds:
Create a soothing marine environment for relaxation or sleep.
Dr. Thompson:
Sound tracks that help you deal with Tinnitus and coax your mind into an optimal state for deeper, more restorative sleep all night long.
Sleep Sounds:
Sound tracks that are clinically proven to help you sleep better, relax easier and think more effectively.
Yoga Sounds:
Relaxing, enlightening yoga music and sounds.
Sleep Sounds by Dr. Bartel:
Original sound tracks that are clinically proven to help you sleep better, relax easier and think more effectively.

For use in the following model:

How It Works

By simply ordering a customized sound card and replacing your original, you can effectively create a whole new sleep sound machine experience for a fraction of the cost of a new device. The BST-80, BST-100 and BST-400 Bluetooth sleep machines come with removable sound cards. BST-80 100 and 400 custom sound card
To order and enjoy your favorite sound mix, follow these simple steps:
  1. Add a 10 or 20 sound SD card to your cart
  2. You will be taken to our sound selection page which will allow you to preview our entire sound library to help you choose the best sleep machine sounds
  3. Use our custom sound selector to choose your favorite sounds from our library of over 100 sounds
  4. After selecting your sounds, press the checkout button and review your order
  5. Our team will create your requested sound card and send it to you by mail or courier
  6. Once you receive your sound card, replace your original card with the new one and enjoy your ideal sleep sound machine

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