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Product Description

Keep your illumy looking brand new by replacing the cover. If your illumy is starting to look well used, you can restore it to its original condition  without having to replace the internal electronics that make illumy one of the best sleep masks. This new softer and thinner cover also improves comfort. To replace the cover on your smart sleep mask, just follow these simple instructions (click here to download in pdf format):  

New and Improved Lighter and Even More Flexible Sleep Mask Cover!

The illumy Replacement Cover is now 35% lighter and more flexible than the original. Refresh your sleep mask and upgrade it at the same time with the new and improved sleep mask cover. Learn more about the changes by clicking here and reading our blog post.

illumy sleep mask goggles1.) Remove the adjustable strap from your illumy

2.) Zip open illumy using the mask zipper

3.) Separate the old removable mask cover from the electronics module

4.) Insert the electronics module into the new replacement cover

5.) Zip the removable mask cover closed

6.) Replace the adjustable strap   Remove and replace sleep goggles cover Note: This is not a sleep mask – This is a replacement cover for the illumy Sleep and Wake Mask


The replacement cover is super.
- Laurel, P.