Pet Sound Therapy System® with Bluetooth® BST-80-20P

This unique Bluetooth sound machine was developed to help your pet relax and sleep better by creating a comforting sound environment made just for them. Perfect for helping pets deal with separation anxiety, new homes, thunderstorms or neighborhood noise.

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Product Description

Pet Therapy Sound System

This innovative Bluetooth sound machine contains 20 built-in sounds that are doctor composed and chosen for greater effectiveness. Bluetooth technology and replaceable sound card allow you to add new sounds/music for infinite sound possibilities. It is so compact that it fits in the palm of your hand, yet its big bass sound is able to fill your pet’s room with sound.

Life can be stressful for your pet. Changing work schedules, loud neighborhood noises, a new home or traveling to new places can all create pet anxiety and reduce the quality of their sleep, hurt their general health, and interfere with the special relationship between you and your pet.

This innovative sound machine uses naturally effective sound therapy to help your pet sleep, relax and block out annoying neighborhood noises.


  • 20 SUPERIOR PET SOUNDS. 20 built-in, made-for-pet sounds create a soothing and familiar sound environment for your pet. Perfect for helping pets deal with separation anxiety, new homes, thunderstorms or neighborhood noise
  • DOCTOR DEVELOPED SOUNDS. Sound tracks are doctor composed and chosen with pets in mind leading to greater effectiveness.
  • BLUETOOTH FREEDOM. Play any of the 20 built-in sounds or Bluetooth stream new sounds/music from your own sound library located on your mobile device or computer. 30 foot / 10 meter wireless range with high quality sound.
  • USE AT HOME OR WHILE TRAVELING. Keep plugged in with included USB charging cable or use cord-free with the built-in rechargeable battery that provides 4 - 5 hours of run time on one charge. Great for helping your pet relax and sleep at home or when traveling to new locations. Plays your chosen sound continuously for all night/day use
  • ADD NEW SOUNDS FOR GREATER VARIETY. Add new sounds to your pet sound library by simply changing the micro SD card. Use your own sounds or download new sounds from Sound Oasis. Sound Oasis can even create a custom sound card for your pet.
  • SOUND OASIS QUALITY. Let our 25 years of sleep expertise help your pet achieve a happier and healthier life with better sleep and relaxation. Industry leading sounds and quality construction.
  • COMPLETE PET THERAPY SOLUTION. Includes sound machine, 20 built-in sounds, USB charging cable, Help Your Pet Relax & Sleep Booklet, free Sound Oasis pet therapy APP.

Weight and Dimensions

  • Product dimension : 2.25" x 2.5"
  • Product weight : 0.5 lbs
  • Package dimensions : 5" x 3" x 3"
  • Package weight : 0.75 lbs

How It Works

Play Built-In Sounds or Stream Sounds/Music from Your Music Library
  1. Turn on your BST-80-20P sound machine by pressing and holding down the power button for 3 seconds.
  2. Your BST-80-20P sound machine will enter the sleep sound playback mode by default. Press the mode button on the bottom of the speaker to enter Bluetooth mode. The Bluetooth LED on your BST-80-20P will blink to show that it is discoverable and ready to pair.
  3. On your Bluetooth enabled device, turn Bluetooth on, locate the Bluetooth device list and select the device named BST-80-20P. Pair your BST-80-20P with your Bluetooth enabled device.
  4. The Bluetooth LED will light up on your BST-80-20P sleep therapy machine and you will hear a Bluetooth pairing mode “blip" to indicate that you are in the Bluetooth streaming mode.
  5. Press play on your Bluetooth device to play the streamed music/sound.
Stream New Sounds/Music from Sound Oasis APPs
  1. Download any Sound Oasis APP from Apple's iTunes store or the Google Play App store. You can upgrade our Lite Apps to the PRO version just by connecting to any Sound Oasis Bluetooth speaker. The Pet Therapy APP is free.
  2. Turn on your BST-80-20P by pressing and holding down the power button for 3 seconds.
  3. On your Bluetooth enabled device, turn Bluetooth on, locate the Bluetooth device list and select the device named BST-80. Pair your BST-80-20P with your Bluetooth enabled device.
  4. The Bluetooth LED will light up on your BST-80-20P and you will hear a Bluetooth pairing mode “blip" to indicate that you are in the Bluetooth streaming mode.
  5. Press play on the Sound Oasis APP to play the streamed music/sound.

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Here’s a hint
The directions don’t include this helpful hint. If you want the machine to play the 20 preloaded sounds by default, you have to press and hold the mode button located on the bottom of the machine. The sound you last played will then come on when you turn on the power!
- Jeremiah J.
Tiny box with an excellent quality sound.
This device is tiny, but the sound is AMAZING. I play it 24/7 for my new puppies. It has helped them and myself adjust to this new phase in our lives. I thought I would play the nature and heartbeat sounds the most, but the music is so beautiful and brings such a calm over my home. I plan to purchase another for my very stressful office environment.
- pamela j may
Great product, but powerful heartbeat..
This is a great sound machine and mini speaker. We use it for our dog to soothe him and drown out his barking as we work through some separation anxiety. However, the heartbeat sound is so powerful, that the sound vibrates and moves the speaker- enough to push it off the desk it was on. So just ensure it is secure before leaving it on that sound :)
Keeps our puppy quiet and peaceful
Works great, easy to use, love the different sounds that are built in.
- OKJoe
Nice Peaceful Tunes
I turn this on low every morning back in my bedroom and it plays the same piano tune I selected all day and evening. My chihuahua and I both enjoy the peaceful atmosphere it produces.
- TJ...Ranger's Fan
I struggle with sleep. With this I have a restful sleep listening to a mother cat's heart beat and purring. My furry kids love it too!
- Anna
Beautiful sound
I loved it! So did my cat...
- Zeynep , Erkmen
Wonderful sound I love it so does my pup
I think this is a fabulous product . For such a small size it has wonderful sounds we all find it to be very soothing. Highly recommended
- Jocelyn A. , Guglielmelli
skeptic to a believer
so my Boston terrier has the worst anxiety. It's mostly noise-driven so anything loud - thunder, garbage trucks, fireworks, school buses this list goes on. Once she gets stressed out she will become destructive or pant constantly and try to hide. I have tried every calming treat, CBD, and even prescription drugs! Honestly, I thought there was just nothing that would help her BUT this has made a huge difference for her. Some sounds or tunes are better than others. I try to change them daily so she doesn't get used to any 1. I notice if we hear something she is slower to react. she also will hang out in my room near the speaker at noisy times of the day. Even my dog walker will say she prefers to hang out in there than to get attention from her daily visit. You can purchase more sounds which I will and it comes with 20 sounds included. This has really made me a believer. Wish this was more dog-specific (hence) the missing star. 2 are just for cats.
- Sammie D.
How to rotate thru built-in sounds
I'd give this item 5 Stars if the directions on how to change/rotate the 20 built-in sounds were clearly posted somewhere. But they're not, lol, so here's how to do it: With the sound machine on, press both the + and - buttons on the front of the speaker at the same time. This will change the sound.
- Mel , McB
Calms them down when left home
We have a new puppy who would yelp & carry on when she was left. Our other dog was okay in her bed but not happy with the upset puppy in her kennel. Music did the trick! They don’t even stir until we walk in the room to get them. We tried playing regular streaming music but not as successful. Worth the piece of mind!
- Richard , DuBroc
Great product. Stopped working after less than two months.
I really like this product. I've had it for less than two months, but it has stopped working.
- Theresa S.
Awesome sound machine!
Awesome sound machine! I purchased this because my beloved pet panics when thunderstorms hit! This does such a good job of drowning out the sounds! My only regret is I did not find it earlier, I would not hesitate to recommend this to any other pet owners that have a nervous Nellie when it thunders! Well worth the money!
- Jan , Brandt
Not loaded w all the sounds
I've bought these before and all of my puppies go home with one. This purchase I am dissatisfied because you have to keep popping the memory card out and in to even get it to play the ONE melody. I will not buy from this supplier again.
- Spring , Wallace
Love it!
Love the soothing music. It is easy to use and plays for a long time when fully charged. I don't know if it calms my dog, but it is very relaxing.
- Janet A.
Very imoressed
Love this little speaker! Small but powerful for calming sounds. Holds a charge pretty well, at least all day. There arent 20 sounds in it but enough of what I need for my dogs - spa and instrumental music.
- OhanaOf4
I have had this one for 2 years and use it every night. I have more animals and need more relaxing music for them so I`ve looked for another
- (joly)
Works great for high energy pups
I use this daily to calm my 4 dogs, two who are in the video are less than 2yrs old. Been using this for about 3mo and they have learned the rain sounds means quiet time.

Included Sounds

Click on any sound to hear a short preview.

Brown Noise
Heartbeat With Purring
Music With Purring
Ocean Surf With White Noise
Pet Yoga
Rest Time
Tranquil Moments