BLS-100 Natural Wake-Up and Sleep System

Natural Sleep Therapy
Wake-up more refreshed, sleep and relax easier


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  • Wake up gently to energizing light
  • 6 sounds of nature to help you sleep, relax and wake up
  • 4 aromatherapy scents help you sleep and vitalize your wake up
  • Backlit Alarm Clock - easy to read, dimmable display, snooze button
  • iPhone*/iPod*/MP3/CD Input - play music from these external sources through unit
  • Vibration Speaker - Hear and feel the alarm with the Sound Oasis Vibration Speaker (accessory not included).
  • Sleep Timer with Auto Shutoff - nature sounds play for 30, 60 or 90 min, or set for continuous play
  • Outlet Powered with Battery Backup - power unit with included AC adapter.
  • Backup keeps alarm active during power outages

Weight and Dimensions

  • Product dimension : 7.75" x 7.5" x 10.75"
  • Product weight : 3.14 lbs lbs

How It Works

  • In the wake-up mode, the light starts to brighten 30 minutes before your alarm time.
  • If you have aroma in the container, the aroma is diffused as the light brightens
  • 15 minutes prior to alarm time, nature sounds can play
  • At your selected alarm time, a gentle chime alarm starts to play.
  • The unit also dims at night time for a reverse effect
Light Therapy
  • Clinically proven light therapy
  • Simulates a natural sunrise for a more energetic wake-up
  • Helps you maintain a natural and healthy circadian rhythm throughout the year
Enjoy one of the 4 included aroma scents or use your own for increased relaxation or stimulation.
Sound Therapy
6 natural sounds – fall asleep or wake to one of 6 included sounds
  • Ocean Surf
  • Thunderstorm
  • White Noise
  • Spring Rain
  • Mountain Stream
  • Forest Stream


Wake Up Settings

Wake to Nature Sound

Wake to Nature Sound + Light

Wake to Light

Wake to Light + Chime Alarm

Wake to Chime Alarm

wakeup light alarm clock sunrise

Sleep Settings

Fall Asleep to Nature Sound

Fall Asleep to Nature Sound + Light

wakeup light alarm clock sunrise


This is a very well designed product. It is stylish and has lot of great features.
- Ron J., S
Love the light and aroma beads. I use the aromatherapy often.
- J. G., Kisner
I love your Wake-up Sleep System!
- Judy, M.
I recently purchased and downloaded the Sound Oasis Summer Night 8 Hr recording. In addition to being able to use it on the BST-100, I'm also using it on my computer as background sound to bring solace and comfort as I go about other computer tasks. I guarantee you will love it. It's just as they claimed. That is, there don't seem to be any repeats during the 8 hours of the recording. I've had 2 other sound machines before that used loops, or simulated crickets and got very annoyed with those inferior machines. So it's very refreshing to have an opportunity to listen to, for all intents and purposes, what you would experience outside in the summer. My compliments to the Sound Oasis company. You have truly given me an oasis of blissful tranquility!
- B., Raines


Ocean Surf
Secluded Lake
Steady Rain
White Noise