Tinnitus Sound Therapy System® with Bluetooth® BST-80-20T

Our newest compact Bluetooth sound machine offers Sound Oasis world renowned Tinnitus sounds at a great value.



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Product Description

Our newest Bluetooth Tinnitus sound machine gives you the best selection of sounds developed for Tinnitus relief plus the ability to customize the sound card to your preference or stream sounds over Bluetooth. We’ve taken one of our most popular sleep sound devices and included 20 of our most effective Tinnitus management sounds.

Innovations include:

  • World-leading sound quality – Tinnitus sounds, sleep sounds and nature sounds now play through a high quality, compact speaker to immerse you in relaxing audio
  • Custom sound cards – Choose your ideal mix of up to 24 of Sound Oasis’ expertly crafted sleep and relaxation sounds – Download your choices to your own SD card or request a customized mix to be mailed to you. Click here to create your own custom sound card.
  • Compact and portable – We’ve given our most compact speaker a new selection of Tinnitus specific sounds
  • Battery and USB powered – Your new BST-80-20T white noise machine can be powered battery for up to 5 hours or by a standard USB adapter

Sleep better and manage your tinnitus with the Tinnitus Sound Therapy System BST-80-20T



  • Proven to help you manage tinnitus
  • Built-in micro SD card is preloaded with 20 Sound Oasis sounds specifically selected to help deal with and relieve tinnitus. Your selected sound plays seamlessly for 8 hours.
  • Exceptional quality sound in an even more compact size than the BST-80 (2" tall/2.3" in diameter/ 5 cm tall/5.8 cm in diameter) is perfect for use at home or while traveling.
  • Stream new sounds or music from any Bluetooth enabled device (iPhone/ iPod/iPad/MP3) for great versatility.
  • Insert a new customized micro SD card with Sound Oasis sounds for unlimited sound library expansion. Compatible with all Bluetooth sound machine SD cards from Sound Oasis.
  • 30'/10 m Bluetooth wireless range.
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery allows for 4 - 5 hours of cordless use on one charge.

Weight and Dimensions

  • Product dimension : 2.25" x 2.5"
  • Product weight : 0.5 lbs
  • Package dimensions : 8" x 6" x 3"
  • Package weight : 1 lbs

How It Works

Stream New Sounds/Music from Your Music Library
  1. Turn on your BST-80 Tinnitus sound machine by pressing and holding down the BST-80 POWER button for 3 seconds.
  2. Your BST-80 Tinnitus sound machine will enter the sound playback mode by default. Press the mode button on the bottom of the speaker to enter Bluetooth mode. The Bluetooth LED on your BST-80 will blink to show that it is discoverable and ready to pair.
  3. On your Bluetooth enabled device, turn Bluetooth on, locate the Bluetooth device list and select the device named BST-80. Pair your BST-80 with your Bluetooth enabled device.
  4. The Bluetooth LED will light up on your BST-80 sleep therapy machine and you will hear a Bluetooth pairing mode “blip" to indicate that you are in the Bluetooth streaming mode.
  5. Press play on your Bluetooth device to play the streamed music/sound.
Stream New Sounds/Music from Sound Oasis APPs
  1. Download any Sound Oasis APP from Apple's iTunes store or the Google Play App store. You can upgrade our Lite Apps to the PRO version just by connecting to any Sound Oasis Bluetooth speaker.
  2. Turn on your BST-80 Tinnitus machine by pressing and holding down the BST-80 POWER button for 3 seconds.
  3. On your Bluetooth enabled device, turn Bluetooth on, locate the Bluetooth device list and select the device named BST-80. Pair your BST-80 with your Bluetooth enabled device.
  4. The Bluetooth LED will light up on your BST-80 sleep machine and you will hear a Bluetooth pairing mode “blip" to indicate that you are in the Bluetooth streaming mode.
  5. Press play on the Sound Oasis APP to play the streamed music/sound.

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- michael wade
Sounds good
Not sure if it is really helping me sleep better but it is nice to have some options. If you get the companion app, don’t pay for it, not worth it
- Dropzone
My sleeping pattern has improved.
The information shared on your website and Amazon was very helpful. Tinnitus was discovered in my left ear recently by my ENT Doctor. I now have peaceful sleeping thanks to Sound Oasis technology.
- Specs
Great company to work with
The product works and sounds great. Had an issue with the Sim card lock which started to break. Notified the company, and without hesitation, they sent me a new one which works great. Five stars for this type of customer service.
- steve dineen
Great little machine!
Love the fact that it has a wide variety of built-in sounds (all I need) as well as blue-tooth function. I can use it as a speaker for my phone and iPad. Great quality sound. Easy to use. Bought 2 as gifts.
- Jean , Groves
Selection prerecorded in SD chip
Great sound for low volume sleep.
- William W.
great sound quality
it's so tiny I expected the sound quality to suffer...nope! and nice variety of sounds to choose from...easy to operate...ONLY THING...if you can't get it to start, take out the SD card and put it back in...then it works
- lulai
Worth it!
I purchased this pet therapy sound machine directly from the manufacturer (but Amazon currently has the best price). I recommend it highly! The sound is clear and crisp. Volume control is excellent, I can make it as loud or as quiet as I need. The selection of sounds is perfect for my very nervous dog. I especially like the fact that I can use this without having it plugged in. It contains a rechargeable battery, which lasts at least 8 hours. This feature was great when our power went out during a storm. I was able to still use this to help soothe my dog. The machine is very small, so I plan to take it on trips with us. When it's storming outside, I just move this to whichever room my dog is hiding in. I am able to sleep with it on because the sound is soothing. My only criticism is that it comes with a very short cord/cable. I just took another cable (from an old kindle fire) and use that instead. Other than that, I think this sound machine is great!
- Amazon , Customer
It works
It would help to have a display of the music track you're on at any given time. Purchased it for Tinnitus Sound Therapy.
- George , Morningstar
Easy to use
Somewhat difficult to adjust the volume
- David
Started out great
Worked wonderfully the first year. Now the battery only lasts for 3 hours making it useless for travel. It now has a buzzing noise which is what the thing was designed to block out. I am glad I got it on clearance it's not worth the $40 price tag.
- D Boyd
I like that it is small and has great sound.
I have to agree that it is annoying to take out the SD card every time to get it to work! Why is that? Would like to know what sound I’m listening to. For the most part they are easy to identify. I must say, I’m sleeping much better.
- Becky , Smith
excellent product for the price; good sound, esthetically pleasing, light weight, good battery life and interesting selection of sounds to help sleep restfully.
- Frederic V. , Hartemann
A must for Tendinitis
It helps a lot and is a great speaker
- Kevin l.
Excellent product
I have been suffering with Tinnitus for about a month, due to an infection, so this horrible condition is new to me & I fear it will may be permanent. This device has a tiny footprint (2.25" square) but delivers big sound. I put it on a "fan" sound, turn up the volume if I need to & let it run all day & night. I keep it plugged in. It is truly white noise, so I can read, watch TV & sleep with it on. It offers enough distraction, without being intrusive. If you are suffering, try this product & find a sound that suits your needs. It is well worth the price.
- Cherip
Works great to hide tinnitus.
This device actually hides most of my tinnitus while I sleep. It works better than anything I’ve tried so far.
- NY

Included Sounds

Click on any sound to hear a short preview.

Brown Noise
Gray Noise
Hawaiian Dream
Jet Interior White Noise
Natural White Noise
Ocean Surf
Ocean Surf With White Noise
Rain With White Noise
Soft Pink Noise
Soft White Noise
Steady Rain
Summer Night
Thunder and Rain
Tinnitus Therapy 1 1K – 10K (Dr. Thompson) 8 Hr
Tinnitus Therapy 2 1K – 10K (Dr. Thompson) 8 Hr
Tinnitus Therapy 2K – 8K (Dr. Thompson)
White Noise 4 kHz
White Noise 6 kHz
White Stream