VTS-1000 Vibroacoustic Therapy System

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Product Description

Clinically Proven, Doctor Developed Sounds – help you relax, renew your body and prepare you for sleep – naturally! The revolutionary Vibroacoustic Therapy System uses clinically proven, doctor developed sounds and vibration to help you sleep, relax and renew your body – naturally! Vibroacoustic therapy systems, costing several thousands of dollars, have been successfully used in hospitals and clinics around the world. Now you can enjoy this same therapeutic technology at a fraction of the price. Sound therapy provides soothing music with clinically proven brainwave entrainment for effective stress reduction, relaxation and healing.

Vibroacoustic Research

To learn about how the VTS-1000 is being used in research to study the effects of vibroacoustic therapy on various ailments, you can read more at:

Sound vibration treatment may boost brain activity in Alzheimer’s patients

Study of Alzheimer’s Patients Finds Low Frequency Sound Stimulation Improves Cognition


  • 60 Minutes of Therapeutic Sound
  • Stereo Audio Speakers
  • Low Frequency Generator
  • #1 Rated Sound Quality
  • Backlit Remote Control
  • Outlet Powered

What's in the box:

  • Vibroacoutic Back Support
  • Handheld Controller
  • Power Supply
  • 3.5 mm Audio Patch Cable for Auxiliary Input
  • User Manual

nexneuro like massage


Weight and Dimensions

  • Product dimension : 5.5" x 17.8" x 30.8"
  • Product weight : 7.0 lbs
  • Package dimensions : 6" x 20" x 35"
  • Package weight : 13 lbs

How It Works

The Sound Oasis Vibroacoustic Therapy System plays back nature, music and sleep therapy sounds with Delta, Alpha or Theta brainwaves to coax your brain to match these frequencies, thus entering states of sleep, relaxation or renewal.

Vibroacoustic Therapy is clinically proven to provide therapeutic health and wellness results. It is a proven sleep therapy system from Sound Oasis, the leaders in sound machines.

Sound penetrates deeper

The VTS-1000 provides massage therapy to muscles and joints that hand/mechanical massage can not reach. For comparison purposes, ultrasound is a well known and accepted sound technology for viewing tissue inside a body and it operates at 20 KHz + (please see Graph A below).


Vibroacoustic Therapy frequencies correspond to key brainwave activities.

Vibroacoustic Therapy functions at 20 Hz to 100 Hz, the same frequency range that the body’s energy channels operate at. We can bring these energy channels into healthy alignment with Vibroacoustic Therapy.


What is Vibroacoustic Therapy?

Vibroacoustic therapy is the use of low frequency vibrations to stimulate body cells into therapeutic states of relaxation and healing. With this Sound Oasis® Vibroacoustic Therapy System, we include sound therapy that provides soothing music and clinically proven brainwave entrainment for additional stress reduction, relaxation and healing. The cells in your body respond to vibrations that they feel. Clinical studies throughout the world have proven the positive effects of vibration on circulation, temporary pain relief, increased mobility and many other medical ailments (please refer to the table below). Your Sound Oasis Vibroacoustic Therapy System delivers precise therapeutic vibration frequencies to your body that massagers alone cannot provide.  


Vibroacoustic Therapy provides sensual stimulation.

Like hand/mechanical massage, Vibroacoustic Therapy aids circulation, relaxes muscles and feels good.

vibroacoustic science studyThe VTS-1000 is also much more portable than other solutions such as Nexneuro. The Sound Oasis Vibroacoustic sound pad can be transported and set up easily whereas a system like Nexneuro sound bed is bulky by comparison.


I have used the Sound Oasis sound pad on myself and on others, with and without energy healing. All find it to be fantastic. My daughter just became a foster mother to adopt in five months. Her 8 month-old son awoke several times during the night until he used the sound pad. After two weeks of use and other remedies, he now sleeps through the night. She and he have usurped it!
- F, S
I am writing to express my appreciation for your bringing to the market an affordable, portable, high quality Vibroacoustic therapy system. It is has been very cost-prohibitive to utilize this technology until now, and I am very impressed with the quality of your device. I am impressed with the embedded audio programs, and also LOVE using my Psychoacoustic 3D audio CD's produced by the Center for Neuroacoustic Research in Encinitas California. I have offered sessions to some of my clients and they have raved about how relaxing and profoundly effective it is. Thanks for a great product!
- E, Kreamer