The Ultimate Sound Oasis Gift Guide: Match the Perfect Gift to Everyone On Your List

Are you ready to find the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list? Well, then you’re in luck! We’ve curated a comprehensive selection of gifts that will bring relaxation and serenity to your loved ones’ lives. From tech enthusiasts to sleep-deprived travelers in need of better sleep to loved ones suffering from Tinnitus, we’ve got you covered.


World’s Smallest Sound Machine – Flexible and Portable

If you liked our World’s Smallest White Noise Machine™, you’re going to love the World’s Smallest Sound Machine™ by Sound Oasis. Available in 2 versions, packed with 24 unique sounds each, specially selected for their ability to enhance sleep, focus, relaxation and tinnitus relief, this travel and user-friendly innovation delivers exceptional quality you can hold in the palm.

Sound Oasis Sounds – “exceeded my hopes and expectations”

I recently downloaded Sound Oasis two files, one for Pink Noise and the other for Tinnitus. They each have an 8 hour, uninterrupted, playing-time and can be downloaded onto a MP3 Player. Once there, I can either use my earbuds or my Ipod dock to hear the downloads.