I usually take Amazon reviews with a certain grain of salt. People want to be proud of what they buy, despite any flaws, and will tend to be overly positive about products that may in fact have certain issues with them. This product is not one of them. Oh my God, I was truly impressed with the build quality right out of the box. It is made of some sort of metal, and felt very solid. No moving or vibrating parts at all, it might as well have been carved out of a block of aluminum. Then I turned it on. The quality of the sound coming from this tiny, smaller than a teacup, speaker was quite simply mind blowing. I haven't been this impressed with anything in quite a long time. I was, at most, expecting a 'workhorse' speaker, but this tiny little thing played my music with such clarity, and base (!), that it quickly replaced my computer speakers as my go-to blue tooth speaker. How is this possible? All I wanted was a nice way to sleep, but instead, I got this amazing blue tooth speaker as well. Yes, don't worry, the sleep sounds are perfectly great as well, but that would be all for naught if it came out a sub par speaker. Prepare to be amazed, as cheesy as that sounds. This speaker is the real deal. You will not be disappointed, the Amazon reviews are spot on.
- Mackie