This BabyOasis sound maker has quickly become a favorite in our home for helping the kids fall asleep. My girls (ages 2 and 4) love listening to the soft music setting. Other BabyOasis sound settings include soft rain, ocean waves, music with a heartbeat, heartbeat, and a gentle fan noise. It doesn't take much to send the girls off to slumberland once we tuck them in and start the soft repetitive music from the BabyOasis sound machine. I was very impressed by how long the battery lasts! We used this sound machine for two weeks every day during naps and bedtime without needing to charge it. When I finally did plug it in, the BabyOasis sound machine quickly charged using the mini-USB port that actually works with my phone charger too. Win! I'd definitely recommend this sound maker for your own home or as a great baby shower gift.
- Andy & Katie, W