I just felt compelled to write a brief review about my "Sound Oasis" sleep machine. I have an older model (S-650) which has been upgraded by the S-680 but I am extremely happy with the one I have. I originally bought it to help block out street noise from my apartment but also now use it because I have severe tinnitus. My Sound Oasis came with two sleep card, each with numerous different sounds. I also purchased one sound card designed specifically for tinnitus. I love the fact that I can set the timer to go off after 30 minutes (or longer) so once I fall asleep, I am assured that it has turned off. Besides being very happy with this product, I cannot say enough about the customer service. If a consumer has any questions or concerns, the company responds almost immediately and will bend over backward to make everything correct. I highly recommend this company and their products.
- Gary, W.