Buzzing Bees

Bees are essential to our health and important to our planet. A fun and beneficial white noise. The gentle buzzing sound of the bees is both mesmerizing and healing. The low frequencies are easy on the ears typically 300 to 500 Hz both rhythmic and repetitive and have a calming effect to promote relaxation and mask tinnitus for a deep and restful night’s sleep. These original sound tracks are 8 hours long so you never hear the sound repeat or loop. We hope you enjoy these sounds as much as we do.

Uses of Sound Oasis Buzzing Bees:

  • Sleep Aid
  • Block Unwanted Noise
  • Tinnitus Masking
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Soothe and Heal
  • Alleviate Stress and Anxiety
  • Calming for all Ages
  • Meditation and Tranquility

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